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Consumer Reports Ranks Chiropractic #1 for Low Back Pain

CBS NEWS – There is evidence that chiropractic adjustments relieves many types of back pain, lower back pain in particular, and helps restore normal range of motion. Chiropractic adjustments may take stress off surrounding tissues – muscles, tendons,… and ligaments – to relieve back pain and restore normal functioning. Not only that, chiropractic adjustments can improve your overall health and wellness.

Dr. Josh Pickett at Pickett Chiropractic of Navarre is available to see you, for many he can work you in immediately! Give us a call at 850-939-3339

Navarre Beach Chiropractor

Navarre Beach Chiropractor Gets Rid of Back Pain… Without Costly Surgery!

If you are currently experiencing back pain, you may take some comfort in the knowledge that you are not alone.

The truth is, sooner or later, we are all likely to experience it. In fact, statistics say that as many as four out of five Americans can expect to feel back pain during their lives.

Fortunately for back pain sufferers, the prevalence of their condition in the general public has spurred the creation of several promising treatments.

At Pickett Chiropractic, we offer the most up-to-date, highest quality treatments all delivered via the most modern equipment.

If you are a visitor to the Beach or a Full Time Resident, we are just across the bridge, West on Hwy 98 and about a mile on the left.  Across the street from the Exxon Station.

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Gulf Breeze FL Chiropractic Center

Chiropractic care needs to be close to home, but what if the best care was just a short drive away?

Dr. Joshua Pickett’s office is just a short drive from Gulf Breeze.  Located just off Hwy 98 in Navarre, FL.

We all need special care, why not give Dr. Pickett a call and schedule a Free Evaluation today?

Dr. Pickett provides the most up to date, quality, natural and gentle care available in Northwest Florida.

Give us a call.  You will feel the difference.  850-939-3339

We are the best Gulf Breeze Family Chiropractic Center right here in Navarre.

Navarre Chiropractic Center

Don’t let pain and discomfort ruin your life.

Dr. Joshua Pickett is available to you in Navarre, FL at his Navarre Chiropractic Center.

Dr. Pickett is a Palmer Graduate who has 7 years of training and experience in the treatment of spinal and musculoskeletal injuries.

Dr. Pickett has also received extensive training in the evaluation and treatment of automobile-related injuries – including having been certified by the University of California in Low Speed Impact Bio mechanics.

Who We Are

Pickett Chiropractic offers chiropractic care, massage therapy, auto accident care, spinal rehabilitation and decompression therapy from our office located  in Navarre.

Patients receiving treatment at Pickett Chiropractic Dr Navarre, can rest assured they will receive the highest quality care via the most modern chiropractic equipment and procedures.

What We Do for You

We provide patients with the fast, long-term relief of back pain that is less expensive and less risky than other treatment options, such as surgery and prescription drugs. Through a wide-range of services, including chiropractic techniques for spinal correction, massage therapy, corrective exercises, lifestyle advice, non-surgical decompression therapy, physiotherapy and much more.

Give us a call to schedule your recovery!

Navarre Chiropractic Adjustment

Back pain sufferers in Navarre Florida may have it worse than people in other areas of the country. With activities like fishing, surfing and even long commutes on Highway 98, back injury is certainly a possibility that we all want to avoid. And with the holiday season upon us, along with family and work obligations, it may be hard to find the time to take care of our bodies.navarre_chiropractic_adjustment

And back pain is just one of several reasons we get slowed down – neck pain, shoulder pain, middle back aches, pinched nerves or a herniated disc from an auto accident can all prevent you from taking care of your obligations and doing the things you enjoy.

One of the best preventative methods is doing back pain exercises, but in many cases it’s just to late for preventative techniques. That’s when it’s time to schedule a Navarre Chiropractic Adjustment. And that doesn’t mean invasive surgery; you can benefit from regular chiropractic adjustments and by developing a back pain care schedule. In fact, we pride ourselves on helping people without using things like surgery or drugs.

And that’s why I’m here. If you have back pain in Navarre or Gulf Breeze, FL, give me a call at Pickett Chiropractic at 850-939-3339 today.